My commitment is to give you all the possibilities to develop your skills and goals, obviously on the one hand my studies are my guarantee as a good coach, but also my experience, example, moral and sports experience of different sports give me endless possibilities to implement training methods for each person.
My experience with sports is varied: Soccer, military pentathlon, athletics, karate, Aikido, Judo, rowing, scuba diving  Parkour, swimming, crossfit, yoga, brazilian jiu jitsu, surfing, and tennis to name a few, it is for this reason, that after going through all of these sports and my studies, I realized that there is no one formula or specific sport to develop your full potential, but rather a mix of diverse types of training that all sports help you gain. Don't use machines... become one.  
Don't hesitate to confide in someone who really will take advantage of all your capacities to the max, with professionalism, the moral and the required experience, all in a natural and harmonious environment.
"Mind, body, soul and spirit in balance"