Natural Fitness

When one talks about natural fitness we can relate it principally with good health and reaching a state of mental and physical well being. Fitness is a social phenomenon that has influenced the lives of many people worldwide. A clear example of this is shown by the modern day celebrities and famous people. So many actors and actresses, professional models and artists (among others) are people who because of their position in society, should be healthy and look good before the critical eyes of society.

It's not a secret that beauty is irrefutably reflected in a healthy lifestyle. A beautiful body is an attention grabber and without a doubt it can bring many advantages to those who possess it, but we must stop and ask ourselves, "Is it possible for everyone to enjoy a healthy and in shape body?" The answer is a resounding YES, and the solution resides inside of each and every one of us.  The only question that remains is whether or not you are willing to begin a new way of life and change your behaviors that don't help better your mental or physical health. Everything that comes after this decision to change will simply be the outcome and benefits of having a healthy lifestyle and general well being.
Fitness or Body building? Athlete or Body Builder? Natural or Artificial?                                           

Natural Functional Christiano Ronaldo, Athlete/Soccer Player
        Artificial (Dys) functionalBodybuilder.
Fitness and body building are commonly linked but we should understand that even though they have elements in common they are fundamentally different and have very different characteristics.
Is there a limit to body building? Yes. Practicing any sport to an excess is a health risk and is never something favorable. The body's harmony originates from an equilibrium in every sphere of the physical realm (every aspect of a person's life): a balanced diet, , strength, speed, cardiovascular endurance/stamina, agility, coordination, flexibility, balance, and balanced psychological factors (healthy mindset) among others.

For this reason I wish to emphasize the practice of functional and natural physical activity, since otherwise an individual will be more prone to trigger heart problems or degenerative diseases. In addition, one can develop a low mental state due to badly planned physical exercises in addition to an eventual lack of motivation because you can't achieve that perfect body; you will always be attempting to immitate other people and you will never be satisfied with your own body.

When you discover that physical activity is an essential part for a human being, along with eating and other physical necessities  you will find something that the society has lost, the enjoyment that God gave us:  to have our body and mind in perfect condition, the joy of taking care of it, train ing it, developing it and simply enjoying life. This depends solely on you, there is no reason you can't have good health and a great body.

The most important thing is to know what you want to achieve by performing physical activity; you must ask yourself of your goals and then rely on the advice of a qualified professional to reach them.