Saturday, March 29, 2014

VO2 Max

VO2 Max

This week we have been running a lot or "more than usual" and it have been tough in some cases, but the good news are:

* You have been running in a high intensity which means that you are improving and you will feel better in your the next training.
* You have been testing yourself in the WOD giving the 100% which is a mindset success.
* You are building and adding points to your overall performance as a powerful crossfitter, looking for that well rounded profile in all the physical skills!
* And something I want to talk to you  today is that after those 3k you have valuable information because now you can measure your VO2 Max, a parameter very important in the sports. The VO2 is the aerobic capacity of an athlete. The higher the VO2max the better!

I will teach you how to interpolate your 3k(3000m) to get your VO2 Max with a little calculation and one of the most popular aerobic test, but first you need to know two concepts:

"VO2 Max" link :
"The Cooper Test" link:

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