Monday, March 24, 2014

Get Bigger or Stronger… or both

This question is always around the gym.  I had never considered that question very seriously to be honest, because for the sports I have played, strength was not the primarily factor to win or lose.  Over the last few months my body has been changing. I decided to add more calories to my diet and tried to gain more lean muscle. This mission has been completed after a couple of months.  I have seen changes in my strength for sure and I gained around 7 pounds of bodyweight in 3 months. But now the question is “Do I feel better?”.
To be honest I feel stronger but I can notice that my body has lost other domains like running smoothly, some agility drills, and even when I played soccer last time my body was not happy sprinting, changing directions and jumping for 90 minutes in a row. I have seen changes in the major lifts as a product of a good strength planning program, not necessarily because of the added bodyweight.
Last week I read a magazine where Chris Spealler was talking about his changing over time.  He said: “I tried some weight gain and got up to 160 or so. Felt terrible, so I bagged it.”  Before reading that I really thought he was happy and feeling stronger after his big step from 140lbs to 160. Well to my surprise he said that he felt awful, and he decided to just focus on getting stronger and not be worried about the weight. Now after my experience I think I can say the same.
Whatever you do at the end, if you have a good strength plan and programming you will see changes, and if your body “naturally” wants to gain more weight it is going to tell you that with minor effort, but the worst is try to beat your natural somatotype.
Here you have some articles related to Chris Spealler.
  • Warm up
  • Clean practice
  • 15 min AMRAP:
    10 Hang Clean (Rx: 115/75)
    8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (CTB)
    6 V-up
  • Cool/stretch
  • SWOD:
  • Push Press
    5 x 3 @ 125% of your Strict Press 1RM
  • DB/KB rows
    3 x 8 strict

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