Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Strict Muscle Up Progression

Muscle ups in gymnastics are nothing more than a means to get from hanging position with your body below the rings to a support position with your body above the rings.

We teach the false grip because it is the gymnastics method and puts your hands in the proper position for the bottom of the dip. In other words, this is what you should be doing if you’re working toward a strict muscle up. The other option is a kipping muscle up without a false grip, and if you’re a Games athlete you should have these in your tool box. These should be viewed as two distinctly different movements for different purposes just like the dead hang pull up and kipping pull up.

Check out this video with an excellent coach and explanation:

In this video, Carl breaks down the key positions and angles for you to get your strict Muscle Up, along with emphazing the important of using the false grip and pulling to your rib cage or lower.

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