Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yoga and Pilates with Down Syndrome students - Beginning of the class I

In this video we could see how they are already into the class 100% focus and using their muscles, putting some pressure on their joints and starting to realize how they can control their breathing, physiologically talking they do not even know that they are activating the cardiovascular and respiratory system, which is something impossible to achieve running or doing another "cardio" exercises due their anatomic condition. In addition they are improving their balance, coordination not forgetting the motivation during the class mainly encouraging them and setting different physical challenges.

Yoga and Pilates with Down Syndrome students

Classes made for my Down Syndrome students, Special need students requirements are not so different as regular students, even with their physical and cognitive obstacles with a good pedagogy, good plan of classes  and dedication they can improve their physical and cognitive skills. Physical activities and sport are made for everyone in any environment.